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Live Healthy, Get Rewards

Kayaking - Paddling silently in dense fog, the only sounds are a trawler’s bell and a squawking gull.

Eating a Healthy Dinner - A new twist on an old favorite or something completely new?

Taking a Health Quiz - Become the Ken Jennings of health and wellness!

Donating to a Health Related Cause - "No one has ever become poor by giving." - Anne Frank

Playing Basketball - An arcing jump shot narrowly beats the buzzer.

Recording Your Weight - "I'm not overweight. I'm just nine inches too short." - Shelly Winters

Cleaning the House - At least you get to put things where you want.

Go Dancing - Moving with the music of your all-time favorite tune.

Playing Tennis - An artfully placed lob shot wins the point.

Eating a Healthy Breakfast - Feed the machine. Prepare yourself for the day.

Wellcoin makes it fun to get healthy and stay healthy!


  • Earn Wellcoins for every healthy activity you do
  • Use Wellcoins to buy fabulous rewards
  • Connect with our fun, thriving health community


  • Help users celebrate their healthy achievements
  • Find new ways to engage your customers
  • Attract and retain health-conscious consumers