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It pays to live healthy

Introducing Wellcoin Employee Connect. Reward employees for all their healthy choices, big and small.

Employees earn Wellcoins for healthy choices at work, home or anywhere else!

There are countless ways to be healthy. We recognize them all.

Employees spend their Wellcoins on fabulous rewards

There are hundreds of rewards in our marketplace.

Employees connect with family, coworkers, and friends

Don’t go it alone! Our community provides support and encouragement to make your healthy changes stick.

Employees love Wellcoin


Employees earn Wellcoins, a virtual health currency, for completing positive activities like jogging, eating a nutritious breakfast, visiting a doctor, and doing volunteer work. Our broad spectrum of eligible activities extends beyond diet and excercise. Wellcoin meets employees where they are, ensuring that users of all ages, abilities, and risk profiles find meaningful ways to participate.


Built-in incentives motivate employees to incorporate new activities into their existing routines. Employees can maximize their Wellcoin earnings by verifying their activity claims. Easy, fun ways to verify include asking a friend, uploading a photo and syncing Wellcoin to health apps and devices.


Our photo-rich interface encourages employees to share their healthy activities with coworkers, family and friends who can rate, like, and comment on their posts. This strong social support makes positive behavior enjoyable and contagious.


Wellcoins have real-world buying power in our marketplace, where employees can spend them on fabulous rewards. Employees can choose from hundreds of rewards offered by local and national partners, and employers can enhance the selection by posting private, custom rewards available only to their employees.

Employers love Wellcoin

Save Time

Easily integrate and manage all of your wellness initiatives on our platform. Keep your employees posted about upcoming events, and reclaim hours from your day.

Save Money

Try our basic product for free, or add premium features that best suit your needs. Pay only for employees who sign up - not the total number of eligible employees.

Get Results

Use your company's administrative portal to view informative metrics like top Wellcoin earning activities, active user numbers and rewards redeemed. Become an expert in your employees' health behaviors and choices.

Our partners help employees celebrate healthy achievements

People are saying great things about Wellcoin

I love Wellcoin. It is so easy to use and I find it very motivating to be surrounded by people who also want to make everyday positive, happy and healthy choices. I also love the rewards you can earn for living healthy. It's simply a win win!
Stephanie Cox, Boston
I love Wellcoin because it helps me stay on track and keeps me accountable to make healthy choices throughtout the day. I also really enjoy watching other's activity feeds, I've convinced a bunch of my friends to join and they love it too.
Jatin Shah, Atlanta