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Find new customers. Connect more deeply with your current customers. Tap into our diverse, growing health community.

Become a Partner


Find new customers

Help your ideal customers find you fast
  • Target Wellcoin members who eat healthy, do yoga, buy athletic gear and more
  • Reach them at the perfect moment: congratulate them for completing certain healthy activities
  • Offer location-specific rewards and incentives
  • Get promoted in search results
  • Your cool, unique rewards will attract our members

Connect with customers

Assure your healthy customers remain loyal to you
  • Award Wellcoins to our members and your customers
  • Reward your most loyal customers
  • Your best customers get recognized on your Wellcoin leader board
  • Respond to members’ comments and photos from your venue
  • Reach the friends of our members
  • Reach members who have the same healthy profiles as your customers

Our health community

Connect to a thriving community of health conscious consumers
  • Our members work out at trendy fitness centers, practice yoga, eat healthy, and use a ton of health apps & devices
  • Wellcoin members share a wide range of healthy activities, every day
  • Many posts are tied to specific venues, like yours
  • Wellcoin is filled with photos; many were taken at our partners’ venues and are broadcast across social media


Engage members on your page

Our members visit your page on Wellcoin to see your offers and healthy content
  • Post exciting new rewards
  • Share cool photos taken at your venue
  • Who’s earning the most Wellcoins at your venue
  • What special healthy events you have planned
  • Who’s visited your venue, and how much they loved it

Engage members on Wellcoin

Our platform gives you unique opportunities to reach health conscious consumers
  • Sponsor a healthy activity, like running during marathon week in your city
  • Offer discounts on the spot to members who do something healthy
  • Reach members who are doing something healthy at a nearby venue
  • Issue a healthy challenge to our members
  • Promote your venue in location and site-wide search

Engage members at your venue

Enhance our members’ experience at your venue, simply and inexpensively
  • Help them earn Wellcoins for healthy activities
  • Rewards like parties and private classes at your venue help it become the go-to place to celebrate healthy achievements
  • Hold ‘healthy event days’ at your venue where people can earn Wellcoins

Get our data

If you want answers to difficult questions, Wellcoin is the simplest, fastest place to get them
  • What healthy activities do my customers do regularly?
  • How can I reach people who went kayaking within the last month?
  • At which meal of the day do people try hardest to eat healthy?
  • How many people worked out near my business last month?
  • What rewards do our members love?

Make It Happen

Wellcoin works for you

We deliver customers to your door, or you pay nothing
  • Our members want to be rewarded for doing healthy things
  • Your rewards motivate them and attract them to your products and services
  • Post and take down rewards for free
  • We bill you only at the time your rewards are redeemed

Get your business on Wellcoin

Sign up for the most effective way to reach and engage healthy customers today!

Just email us at We will contact you within 24 hours to follow-up. Your partner page will be live on Wellcoin, in days.

Dream up great rewards for your customers, like these current favorites:

  • Gift cards
  • Free fitness classes
  • The latest earphones
  • Running shoes
  • Health trackers

For more information, contact us at