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Help & FAQ

Earning Wellcoins

Which activities earn Wellcoins?

There are hundreds of them, organized into 7 categories: Get Moving, Eat Well, Feel Good Tune Up, Give Back, Get Set and Take Part. To see a full list of Wellcoin earning activities, visit the Activity Library under the Discover section.

How many Wellcoins are the activities worth?

Activities are worth between 1 and 180 Wellcoins. In calculating these values, we considered several factors:

  • Physical effort required to do the activity
  • Impact of the activity - if it were to be sustained over time - on your health
  • Time you spent doing the activity (where applicable, e.g. running)

The Wellcoin values - in conjunction with our rules and limits - create an environment in which as many members as possible have more-or-less equal opportunities to earn Wellcoins. Age, fitness level, pre-existing medical conditions, gender and socioeconomic status confer no particular Wellcoin earning advantage, although they do impact the kinds of healthy activities people tend to claim on Wellcoin.

How do I earn Wellcoins?

In most cases, you earn Wellcoins by completing a claim form for a healthy activity that you have completed. This takes seconds.

You earn relatively few Wellcoins for a simple claim like this, because there is no proof you actually did the activity. We recommend that you verify your claims when possible. This way, you maximize your Wellcoin earnings for each claim.

How else can I earn Wellcoins, besides claiming healthy activities?

Wellcoin includes a special category of so-called Take Part earning activities which include various actions you can undertake to help the Wellcoin community grow and thrive. These activities include:

  • Following someone on Wellcoin
  • Inviting someone to join Wellcoin
  • That friend joins Wellcoin
  • Getting your activity claim liked by someone
  • Rating photos as part of Community Verification
  • Rejecting a friend’s verification request
  • Suggesting a reward for our Reward Center

Are there limits on Wellcoin earning?

Yes there are. Each category of Wellcoin earning activities has a daily limit, and some categories also have monthly limits. In addition, some individual activities have their own limits.

The most important limits are daily category limits, as follows:

  • Get Moving 60
  • Eat Well 70
  • Feel Good 30
  • Tune Up 180
  • Give Back 180

We added these limits to assure that all Wellcoin members have a more-or-less equal opportunity to earn Wellcoins. They also reflect a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

We will notify you in the standard Congratulations note if you have reached an earning limit, and direct you to other activities for which you can still earn Wellcoins that day.

Why don’t I always get all the Wellcoins I should for a claim?

You will not receive a full Wellcoin allotment for a claim if you have already reached an earning limit for the category in which your current activity claim has been made. So for example, once you earn 60 Wellcoins via any combination of claimed Get Moving activities in a particular day, any additional claims you make from that category will show up in your activity feed, but they will not be associated with additional Wellcoin allocations since you already reached your Get Moving limit for the day.

Verifying Activities

How do I verify that I did an activity?

You earn many more Wellcoins when you verify that you did any particular healthy activity. There are four ways to verify claims on Wellcoin: Friend Verification, Community Verification, Automatic Verification and Trusted Source Verification. To verify your claim, simply click the verification method you want to use at the bottom of the claim form and follow directions. This takes seconds.

What is Friend Verification?

In friend verification, you ask someone who knows you did the healthy activity to verify that you actually did it. Only people who follow you on Wellcoin can verify your claims. Just select ‘Friend’ in the menu of verification options, and then select the name of the friend you want to verify your activity. Your friend will immediately be notified of your request.

You immediately earn the base Wellcoin value for a simple claim. When your friend verifies that you did it, your Wellcoin earning is doubled.

What is Community (Photo) Verification?

If you can provide photographic proof (or other digital proof like a screenshot or a video taken on Instagram) that you did a healthy activity, then you can use Community Verification to maximize your Wellcoin earnings when claiming that activity.

Simply upload the image to the Activity Form. Your image will be posted automatically to a queue from which Wellcoin members (specifically those other than yourself and your friends on Wellcoin) can then rate it on a 0-5 scale for the extent to which it proves your claim (0 = completely unsure; 5 = completely sure).

The better the evidence your image provides, the more Wellcoins you earn for your claim. A score of 0 won’t get you any more Wellcoins, but a score of 5 triples your haul on that claim. Wellcoin values for scores between 0-5 are allocated between 0 and 3x using a sliding scale.

What is Automatic Verification?

If you use a Fitbit, RunKeeper or Strava to track your workouts, you can link your accounts to Wellcoin and thereby permit us to use data from these apps and devices to verify your claim. Linking these accounts takes seconds. Go to Account Settings, click Connect to Partners and Devices, and follow the directions.

Once your accounts are linked, Wellcoin will create an Activity Claim for you automatically, every time you use that app or device. The post will include a 4x Wellcoin earning bonus, since we assume data from these apps and devices are reliable.

What is Trusted Source Verification?

Certain people, e.g. personal trainers, nutritionists, yoga instructors, health providers, tour guides and the like, have been vetted by Wellcoin as ‘Trusted Verifiers.’ When these people carry out Friend Verification, the associated bonus is 4x, much larger than traditional Friend Verification.

Be sure to ask your trainers or other wellness professionals whether they are Trusted Verifiers! If so, friend them on Wellcoin and be sure to take advantage of this unique way to earn a ton of Wellcoins.

How do I verify others’ activities?

Verifying other members’ activities is key to ensuring that the community is fair and honest. But it’s also fun and one of the best ways to earn Wellcoins in your down time!

Visit the Community section and dive right into verifying anonymous members’ activities. Be firm but fair—if the photo, screenshot, or video doesn’t represent good evidence don’t feel badly about giving a low rating, and you earn the same number of Wellcoins no matter what score you give.

Verify as many as you like, and earn a few Wellcoins each time! If you have any pending friend verification requests, you’ll take care of those here as well.

Why don't my Fitbit steps get counted?

While most Wellcoin members can simply set their Fitbit to "All Day Sync" and forget about it, this doesn't work consistently for everyone. The best way to be sure your steps will carry over is to manually sync your Fitbit using the iPhone or Android app right before bed (or at least, before 11:59 for you night owls).

Note! Because of how Fitbit's sync works, it's not enough that when you open the app it shows your updated step count. You need to be sure that on the home screen where it shows your tracker it goes from saying "Syncing" to saying "Connected". If you really want to be sure the sync was successful, close the Fitbit app, reopen it, and go to the Friends tab- if your weekly total has been updated, you should be all set.

If you ever miss a day (or more) please feel free to email a screenshot of your step totals and the day(s) you missed to from the email address associated with your Wellcoin account and the Wellcoins will be deposited in your account within 24 hours.

Getting Rewards

What kinds of rewards are there?

There are many kinds of rewards on Wellcoin, and the numbers and variety of rewards are increasing every day. Some rewards are easy to obtain, while others are quite valuable and therefore more difficult to obtain. Our reward partners determine which rewards appear on Wellcoin, how many are available, and when they are available.

How many Wellcoins do rewards cost?

As a general rule, you will redeem about 1,000 Wellcoins or every $10 worth of rewards. For some rewards, it is difficult to determine a true dollar value (e.g. ‘30% off your entire purchase’). For such rewards, we do our best to determine a fair Wellcoin value.

How do I buy a reward?

You can buy any reward posted in our Reward Center so long as you have sufficient Wellcoins in your account and you comply with all terms and conditions established by the partner offering the reward. Simply click ‘Buy This’ on the description page of the reward you want to purchase.

Once you do so, the reward will be fulfilled per the description included by the merchant provider, and we subtract the appropriate amount of Wellcoins from your account. These Wellcoins cannot be returned to your account.

What terms and conditions do rewards have?

Our partners decide what rewards to post on Wellcoin, how long these rewards will be offered, and how many rewards will be offered. They can also withdraw rewards at any time without notice.

Our partners may also establish special terms and conditions for their rewards. Partners are responsible for honoring their terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions vary from reward to reward. Be sure to read them carefully before you purchase a reward.

How do I get the rewards that I buy?

Wellcoin partners are responsible for all aspects of the reward redemption process. For local rewards, you will be provided with a voucher to display on your mobile app or printer. You must have your voucher with you when you claim your reward. The partner will review your voucher and may scan or take note of the code to keep track of things on their end. Partners may also ask you for a photo ID - a good reason to use your real name as your Wellcoin user name.

For online reward redemptions, you will be required to enter your voucher code unless the partner gives you other instructions.

We want to hear about your redemption experiences! Please contact us at

Being Social

Can I compete against other Wellcoin members?

Yes! See how you stack-up against your friends in terms of Wellcoins earned by looking at My Dashboard.

On the Activity Description page (web site only), you can also see the top three earners for that particular activity.

How do I find other people to follow on Wellcoin?

Wellcoin is more fun - and more rewarding - with friends. On the web site, you can find people to follow by clicking the appropriate tab under Community. This brings you to a page where we list members you may know, as well as your Facebook friends that are on Wellcoin, and popular members. Simply click Follow to quickly expand your network on Wellcoin.

Also note that on the left side of the Community homepage, there is a box titled ‘Expand Your Network,’ where we have made specific friend suggestions for you based the mutual friends you have with these people.

On mobile, you can find people to follow by clicking Friends on the Main Menu, and then clicking Add Friends.

Keep in mind that some members keep their profiles private. These people will have to accept your friend request before you can follow them.

Can I post to Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare from Wellcoin?

Yes, you can post to any of them by clicking the appropriate icon on the activity claim form. We will show you your comment before posting it to Twitter in case it needs to be modified to accommodate the 140 character limit.

Images and photos that you added to your post on Wellcoin will be posted to these sites as well.

Account Settings & Privacy

Who can see whose posts? Tell me about privacy on Wellcoin?

You control who sees your posts. In addition, you have many other ways to filter the information you receive and transmit on Wellcoin. To create the level of privacy you want on Wellcoin, go to Account Settings on the web site (or Settings on mobile). Once there, you can control:

  • Who can view your profile
  • What Wellcoin should do when someone claims an activity with you
  • How your name appears to people not following you
  • How your profile thumbnail appears to people not following you
  • Whether to receive sponsored congratulatory notes from our partners

In addition to the above, you can render any particular activity claim ‘private’ by clicking the appropriate icon on the Activity Claim Form.

For additional information about privacy on Wellcoin, please see our Privacy Policy.

How do I control which notifications I receive?

On mobile, go to Settings, and scroll down to the Notifications section. Here you can decide whether to receive notifications for the following events:

  • Someone comments on your activity
  • Someone likes an activity of yours
  • Your activities were verified
  • You are automatically awarded Wellcoins via a device (e.g. Fitbit)

On the web site, you can make the same adjustments in Account Settings.

Why does Wellcoin ask for my location?

We ask for your location so we can project rewards being offered near where you live. Your location also helps us suggest and ‘guess’ which healthy activities you might be doing at any given moment, saving you time. Your location data is never shared with anyone.